Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taking to the Sky....

If you get the opportunity take a flight with Lakes Biplane in Gilford, NH for an experience of a lifetime.

As we take off from Laconia Airport in an open cockpit biplane...

....we feel the sun in our faces,

....and the warm breeze in our hair

....then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Our pilot Phil DiVirgilio navigates us over the lake... us a spectacular view of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Me and my "birthday sister"....

... had requested an "exhilarating" ride and Pilot Phil did not disappoint.

This was after the wingover (heading straight up before turning to the left) followed by a spiral dive ~ I would say that's self explanatory ;) .....

A thrill that still makes me giggle inside today.

It reminds me of this thought

"I love where I live" .... how could I not?

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