Thursday, November 17, 2011

Take on the Challenge as There is Always Something New to Learn

I've posted a few of my "flight" images over the past couple of months so bear with me while I talk about another image. When it was time to review the images we all agreed that we liked this sunburst image but Phil's biplane was no where in sight.

I recently had a large group portrait where one lad was holding a football in his lap. Unbeknownst to me he tossed that football up in the air at one critical point - when I was taking "the favorite" shot of a group of 43 people.

So I got the idea of trying to do a composite image - where I could take one of his good frames and put it in the place of his "football face". It came out nicely and so long story short I got the idea to revisit my flight images and see if I had a biplane image that I thought could work. Keeping in mind the direction of the sun on the plane I found one image that I felt had some possibility.

And voila....

The sky is the limit.



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