Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thoughts…. before the click of the shutter

The sights along the California coast were beautiful and truly a photographer's paradise.  This particular frame really caught my eye when going through my edits.  The painterly feel drew me in.  And the couples dotting the coastline gave it a "specialness" that made it a strong image in my mind's eye.

 But while taking the actual photograph I wasn't happy with the result as I was making it.  My lens didn't have enough reach to exclude the upper third.  I took one mere frame and then moved on in a different direction.
 Looking at this photo now ~ I see the gem that was in my mind while shooting.  All it needed was a little tidying up with the crop.

Upon our arrival to the quaint and quirky town of Monterey we passed by the harbor full of boats.  We planned on sunset here thinking the colors would be warm and make for some vibrant images.  This particular boat caught my eye with the setting sun ~ the humor in her name ~ and the reflection in the water.  But once again it felt like I missed the boat photographically.

Long after the sun had set and we bought our lattes for the long ride back to Sunnyvale we strolled past the "Reelization" again.  Her captain was cleaning her hull and even though the light wasn't with me the "action" caught my eye and made me smile.   It wasn't the perfect light but the "quirkiness" made it worth a snap.  We're all going to miss the boat on occasion but as a photographer I'm still going to shoot it.



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