Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Is Taking on the Genre of Blue

Not the melancholy, depressing kind of blue;

but the bright, vibrance that I see as blue.

Trust, honesty and loyalty 
were the first three words in the description when I looked up the meaning of "blue"

This photo of the harbor portrays a warm blue on a cold February day

while this photograph portrays a much colder blue that gripped the city that day.

I'm happy to have stumbled upon this idea of taking on a weekly photo walk project.  So far it's proven to be quite enjoyable for me.  Staying open to whatever comes my way - no plan-making or the worry that comes along with having to "make" a plan.  I'm looking forward to seeing what will catch my eye through the months ahead; where I will venture.  Where I will explore.  
Maybe I'll find a more personal story within my photographs that can only be written through this time that I spend walking about with my camera.  
When I read more from the meaning of blue, I smile.
Blue is idealistic, enhances self expression ~ that works just fine for me.



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