Monday, June 29, 2015

Absolutely Sums it Up

A note from a friend bringing up the "loneliness" of being a photographer traveling alone.  My response was "yes" but also "no"

There are so many times when you have to place yourself out of the crowd as a photographer to get the images you feel in your heart.   This photo just jumped out at me while taking an early morning walk in Maine before heading to photograph a wedding.

It puts it in perspective perfectly to my eye.  Although I may have to step back from the group I'm still connected.  Through the lens I'm able to share more intimate moments with people than sometimes the actual people in the crowd do.

For instance meeting the father of the brides family as they arrive mid afternoon for their nieces wedding.  I could see through the lens that they were a fun bunch like their brother - who I've known for years.

My place was set with them through dinner and I felt like an old friend.  We laughed and cracked lobsters and had an absolutely lovely meal together.  The only part of "loneliness" I feel is the fact that I do work alone.  But it ends there - every time I shoot it feels like I make new friends along the way.  Loneliness is a state of mind - not something I intend on entertaining.



Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wild and Wooly Weather Day

Cloudbursts appearing angry as they rise above the mountains this evening

lashing and clashing bringing rain and tornado warnings over on the other side of the lake 

and then as quickly as it brewed and stewed 
it was over with a calm settling back over the water
along with a sunset that was much more delicate in nature

finally topping off the evening with a trail of clouds and a stillness to the water 
that was soothing to watch and a perfect ending to the day

Pretty much from one end of the spectrum to the other in just a matter of hours

Made for a spectacular evening of visual enjoyment!



Sunday, June 21, 2015

On the Fence and Being Complacent

Brought my friend Cathy down to Bike Week on Saturday.  Her first time experiencing the event.  We talked of stories of her dad and brothers coming years ago ~ her along with her mom and sister having no interest in going at the time.

Today - a different story - she was excited to walk Lakeside Avenue and take some photos.  Traffic was stopped coming into the Weirs and her camera was already out and clicking as folks went by.

I let her take the lead as we walked down towards the boardwalk thinking I'd watch and see the event through her "fresh" eyes.  After spending a week in and around Weirs Beach I felt that I was allowing myself to become complacent.  Seeing possibilities unfold from the same vantage points but trying to find something different.

So when we got to an opening in the fence she asked "can we walk down on the boardwalk on the other side of the tracks"  my response "sure"

So here's my take from the other side of the tracks

"On the Fence"  

 Motorcycle Week is as much about people moving about as it is about watching people go by
 I found a new vantage point seeing the different postures along the fence on Lakeside Ave
 - folks doing just that -
 - watching people go by -

We will always allow ourselves to be complacent - but a simple push will take us somewhere new.
So I'm thinking from now on I'll be venturing out to explore

"the other side of the tracks"



A Final Walk Through ….picked up on a softer side to Bike Week

Straight out of the gate this old Chrysler New Yorker caught my eye
 obviously "color" driven

But what I didn't realize until after looking through my photos this morning was how that pastel theme followed me on my way through a final stroll at Weirs Beach.
 It's been a good week - people and sights galore - fun conversations - warm smiles
 So fitting for the final walk through to reflect on the softer side of Bike Week.



Saturday, June 20, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Up and Down the Boardwalk

 I've spent a good amount of time doing feature work down along Lakeside Avenue at Weirs Beach during Bike Week once again this year.

I made it a point to attempt to pluck something out of the masses and find some more personal stories through my travels.  For some it was merely a quick greeting and asking if I could make a portrait….for others I stayed and talked with them for a while.

 We have some long time visitors for this particular week in June.  They come from all over the Lakes Region as well as from afar.  Many have seen changes over the years for good and for bad - all offering their opinion with a smile and respect for the event.
 It's been a fun loving group that I have had the privilege of photographing. I enjoy hearing the stories that they recall and the memories along with a chuckle or two from those "good old days"
Always fun to have people pick you out of the crowd.  I can't say that I'm a "regular" down on the boardwalk but it's always nice to see a familiar face and offered a smile.

Back at it for a couple more visits and then we'll be on to next year.



Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Manpower of One

getting some looks at the Boulevard



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

FU BOB Series

This series would have to be labeled as just plain silly.  I photographed this T Shirt last year while shooting Bike Week features and I had sent it along to a friend named "Bob".  So this year while walking along Lakeside Avenue my eye caught it once again.  I tend to walk along a bit and then stop a bit waiting for something to happen within the frame work of what I hope to be a compositionally interesting feature shot.

I didn't stand here too long and these two just jumped out at me.  Once again - just plain silliness on my part.  Bike Week along Lakeside Avenue tends to be a bit of the same old same old each year.  A lot of bikes to look at and people watching galore.

Sometimes it's fun to look for something a little bit different.  My apologies to BOB!
I would imagine every time I head down to Lakeside I will be glancing over at this T Shirt to see what I can come up with.

May end up with a FU BOB series.



Perking Up In Downtown Laconia

A crowd gathers on Monday afternoon in the newest addition of downtown businesses ~ Wayfarer Coffee Roasters.  

All are awaiting an important announcement for our city.  

Folks grab a freshly brewed coffee and find a comfy spot among many in this beautifully decorated space.

Once the announcement is made cheers erupt from the crowd.

The long dormant Colonial Theater will now be purchased and restored to her former glory.

A wonderful addition to our city and downtown area.

I as well as many others are looking forward to seeing downtown Laconia "perk up"





Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Living Up to Expectations

We all have expectations in our daily lives.  Whether we consciously think about them or they are merely part of our thinking process.

My recent trip to Harpswell Maine - Sunset Cove to be exact - held no expectations.  My only plan was to explore each day wherever and whenever the mood struck me.  Traveling with my camera is something I treasure.  It sounds strange but it gives me a purpose and a confidence that I hadn't realized I hold.

So Day 1 was the end of a two day rainy, cold spell.  I did not have high hopes for much of a sunset that evening.  Arrived around dinner time and settled in with the chill of the day prevalent and the clouds thick.
 But, as I said I was staying in Sunset Cove and I guess Sunset Cove was in the frame of mind
not to disappoint 
It's almost as if the seaweed is a signature 
stating that this is a work of art
on display just for me to sit and enjoy 

 Each evening from then on in gave me a present.  Unwrapping itself around 810pm or so
lasting until about 840pm
 Each one unique and beautiful in their own right - bringing an array of colors that spanned
the color wheel.
 Of course sunsets are lovely and all - but I would be remiss if I didn't at least attend one sunrise.  They make their appearance rather early this time of year ~ pre 5:00 am is the wake up call.  I'm an early riser but the warmth of the blankets on these chilly mornings kept that calling at bay during most of my stay.
This one brought a subtle calm to my morning and made me tickled pink that I got out of bed to sit on the dock and enjoy the gift.
Until next time - carry on without me….



Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Most Beautiful Port

While exploring new places you run into the nicest folks.

It all started with a chance conversation with Les …..

…the next day I was hoisting the sails for a trip out of Bailey's Island with Alert Schooner and crew

Erin working the rigging under Margaret's watchful eye

Margaret getting her sea legs in the functional sense as well as the fashion sense

 An absolutely lovely day spent on the water with Perry, Bethany, Margaret and Erin

good people  ~  good times  ~  happy travels.  All thanks to Les for checking to see if the "water was full" down on Lands End.  I love Maine!



Monday, June 8, 2015

My "After" Photo

So I had planned on writing up a blog post about my trip to mid coast Maine last week.  And I will certainly do so ~ but this, I decided, was to come first after receiving an "assignment" from Janelle this morning.

Stay with me - this was an important trip.

I have been working on getting back into better shape since the beginning of 2015.  Janelle has been helping me work through a weekly routine and she takes no prisoners.  We work hard together - her guiding me with expertise and ….me… well huffing, puffing, complaining (a little bit ~ okay okay ~ some days a lot) but each and every day realizing….


Sometimes we forget how strong we are inside.  
Not just with our physical strength but our mental strength.  The later being the most important.  While getting ourselves physically strong is easier to pinpoint and accomplish with tasks ~ being mentally strong is more difficult.  Sometimes hard to define what must be done.

So my goal for 2015 is to continue to grow mentally strong.  Believing in myself ~ trusting my gut.
Also in keeping with a balance ~ staying physically strong and keeping that "gut" in check!