Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Living Up to Expectations

We all have expectations in our daily lives.  Whether we consciously think about them or they are merely part of our thinking process.

My recent trip to Harpswell Maine - Sunset Cove to be exact - held no expectations.  My only plan was to explore each day wherever and whenever the mood struck me.  Traveling with my camera is something I treasure.  It sounds strange but it gives me a purpose and a confidence that I hadn't realized I hold.

So Day 1 was the end of a two day rainy, cold spell.  I did not have high hopes for much of a sunset that evening.  Arrived around dinner time and settled in with the chill of the day prevalent and the clouds thick.
 But, as I said I was staying in Sunset Cove and I guess Sunset Cove was in the frame of mind
not to disappoint 
It's almost as if the seaweed is a signature 
stating that this is a work of art
on display just for me to sit and enjoy 

 Each evening from then on in gave me a present.  Unwrapping itself around 810pm or so
lasting until about 840pm
 Each one unique and beautiful in their own right - bringing an array of colors that spanned
the color wheel.
 Of course sunsets are lovely and all - but I would be remiss if I didn't at least attend one sunrise.  They make their appearance rather early this time of year ~ pre 5:00 am is the wake up call.  I'm an early riser but the warmth of the blankets on these chilly mornings kept that calling at bay during most of my stay.
This one brought a subtle calm to my morning and made me tickled pink that I got out of bed to sit on the dock and enjoy the gift.
Until next time - carry on without me….




  1. Karen, the pictures are stunning but that's not a surprise coming from you. This post, however, took my breath away because of the way you told a story and painted a picture BEYOND your pictures! Beautiful writing…beautiful photographs…beautiful job!

    1. It's funny I post on this space when the mood strikes me. Sometimes it's just a photo … sometimes I add a word or two that pops into my head… and sometimes you get the full blown book. Thank you so much for reading my "book" and sharing your thoughts….can't tell you how much I appreciate it!