Sunday, July 5, 2015

Instance of Creative Laziness

4th of July Fireworks are a tradition.  We gather with friends and enjoy a colorful display from their yard.  As our kids have gotten older we don't venture down into the throngs of the crowd - but rather stay put and enjoy good conversation, laughter and a "sparkler" or two.

So at about 1 minute until 10 we gather together and watch the display.  Many times I find my laziness gets the best of me and this night was the case.  My tripod remained in the car but the camera still joined at my side.

I present a few resulting images reflecting the instance of my creative laziness….

I call this series      Ebb and Flow

You can feel the movement but when looking at the images but our brains do not conjure up the recognition of traditional fireworks ~  instead feeling soothful movement reflecting incoming and outgoing phases of color and light.

This next series I call       Effervescent
Not quite sure if I was doing anything differently with this series than the one prior.  Most likely it had nothing to due with me ~  but rather entirely due to the individuality of each blast.

These offer a livlier sense of effervescent and sparkle that you don't notice during the actual display in the night sky.

I love these kinds of experiences where trying something different will produce a completely unexpected result.

...enjoy the surprises it offers.



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