Sunday, August 23, 2015

What Three Things Would You Bring?

Yesterday I returned home from a week in Rockport, Maine as a student at the Maine Media campus.  It was a privilege to be apart of Elizabeth Opalenik's workshop on The Sensual Image.  Elizabeth's work over the past few decades evokes a desire to learn.  Her photographs are captivating and mystifying in her unique views under water.

Throughout the week our class delved into Elizabeth's world of photography.  Sharing not just photography but so much of ourselves in the process.  Getting to know a fellow student through conversation and a portrait taken of each other was Day one.  Breaking down the barrier of being a stranger and sharing as a group the following morning.

Day two was around and in Lily Pond working with our models using fabrics and the natural surroundings.  Trying new ideas, learning and laughing together.

Day three brought us to the Foundry.  A charming old barn with nooks and crannies of light filtering through here, there and everywhere.  Even an old 1940's Ford to take a spin in photographically.  Venturing down into the basement where the play of light, shadow and props created a darkness to the mood of our images.  This was my day to play with infrared photography.  Something I will definitely be pursuing heartily in the coming months.

Day four was in the boat storage "studio".  We spent our afternoon with four wonderful dancers.  Creating beautiful images with personality through movement.

Day five brought a more personal assignment to work on.  The assignment had us going off on our own.  We could not bring anyone along with us.  Instead we were asked to make three photographs of "things we would bring" for this journey.

Here are my three things:

Gratitude - for each day

My Gut - something I trust the most

A Sense of Wonder - as I venture

Heartfelt - powerful stories accompanied by images from my fellow students came alive within our small, intimate group.  
We've become friends over these six days and will continue that friendship as the journey continues.

The final image of this assignment was to make a photograph of how you would like to be remembered.

                     ~my image~                        a down to earth heart



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