Monday, August 31, 2015

Winding Down while Gearing Up

 I've been working my way through a backlog of images from this summer.  My workload was good but my "play load" was equally good so I'm finding myself behind in editing and posting work.

The balance of work and play is becoming increasingly important - probably due to the age factor.  My men are fairly self sufficient and the extra time I allow for myself is quite enjoyable.  Recharges my batteries so to speak.

Going through images a while after they've been made allows me to see things in a slightly different light than when I edit promptly on the spot.  I love going out on editorial assignments and trying to "wrangle" a photograph from the experience.   No preconceived notions other than lens choice - letting the event or situation bring a photo to life. 

Photographs make me smile.  Whether they are taken by friends or strangers
new or old - color or black and white.
I like to see how other folks see.  What they present to the world.
I hope the photographs I put out into the world do the same for you.

So as Summer winds down only a small part of me will miss it.  Fall will come quickly on it's heels and bring with it an entirely different view of our world.  I can happily say that I'm ready for the change.
Time to move on - time to gear up - time to make pictures

Looking forward to the next season.



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