Thursday, October 29, 2015

One Word Project ~ Herculean

This one ironically took a herculean effort to create!  My concept was nailed down in my head but then with a change of plans the location and "props" changed.  So I set out on a new path and after two failed attempts found myself in a similar thought process working back to my original concept.  I was able to use my two doors as the main props.

I wanted to show effort
I wanted to give a dramatic shadow
relating back to that effort
Main light set low to the ground on camera left creates my shadow looming over me.  Had to keep my stance low to accommodate my shadow keeping my limbs visible as well as engaged with strength and purpose.

Second light on camera right was dialed in for a beam of light to hit my face.  Had a snoot on the flash to keep light from spilling onto the doors.

Many, many takes on this to get my positioning correct.  So when all was said and done….

Herculean Effort - closing the doors of Fear and Doubt



Seeking out the High Noon Sun

First day out with infrared 
the sky was grey and winds were calm. 
Took a series of images playing with the light.
 The following day the rain stopped giving way to bright, puffy clouds and a warm, stiff breeze coming across the pond.  For me it's about 50/50 on my preference of the images made on day one to those made the following day.

Some I liked better with the neutral, grey sky - while others with clouds and bright sun won me over.

For these two I go with the bright sun over the grey sky.  I sense more interest within the photo from the movement of the waves lapping the shore to the breeze whipping in the leaves.

How great is that to purposely seek out high noon sun!



Sunday, October 25, 2015


Four friends visit NYC for the PPE - over an impromptu dinner our conversation generated an idea and we agreed to choose one photo along with our story to share…

Grand Central Station ~ a frenzied hubbub of activity.
Sensory overload combining noise with the constant driven movement of people passing through in all directions within this magnificent building.  One young man stops dead center; pretty much the only stationary person within the frame.  Almost appearing as if he's stuck perhaps thinking or contemplating - which train - while the hubbub continues around him not missing a beat.

We ventured into several areas of this magnificent building.  Finding Campbell Apartment which is a private bar built in the 1920's.  As we found ourselves a seat and settled in for a cocktail we were able to take in this space that breathed of bygone days.  Not a quiet space per se but I have come to realize there are not too many "quiet" spaces in New York City.  But certainly a space to sit, relax and enjoy good conversations.

Back out onto the tracks folks quickened their pace as they rushed to board trains to take them home.  As the conductor continued to check his watch with heightened frequency we noticed the urgency of riders quicken as well.  When the door finally closed on the New Haven train we were standing close to a woman who did not make it on board.  You could see it in her posture - the acceptance of the fact that she would be getting home late on this evening ~ stuck.



Hitting the Streets

While hailing a taxi outside of the Javits Center we met this young lad.  Ended up sharing
a taxi with him over to Grand Central Station.   During our brief conversation on the drive over we learned he was interning with a photographer in the Berkshires.  Excited about photography - beginning his journey into the crazy photographic world.  He landed this job by not simply asking; but by bringing along his gumption to learn and move forward creating the beginning of his personal journey
                            ~ hitting these streets with gusto.

When I first viewed this image on the back of my viewfinder I was reminded of a story told by Greg Heisler when he was about the same age as this young lad.  The resemblance in appearance and story meshed in my brain.  Heisler approached Arnold Newman, it took several times in his case, eventually being taken on as an assistant.  Mr. Newman expressing to a young Greg Heisler that -the business has changed kid you may want to embark on a different career.  In hindsight yes the business had changed, but Mr. Heisler managed to create his career despite those changes.  

I feel confident that this young lad will hear some of the same types of stories that the young Greg Heisler heard.  But through his gumption and drive he will carve out his photographic path and make it uniquely his own allowing those changes to be part of the obstacles that he will challenge.

I wish him the best and I hope we cross paths again down the road.



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Come on In…. If You Dare

Come on inside if you dare...

 where there will be plenty of "Mayhem at the Mill" this coming weekend.

The hosts will greet you with a smile

and provide an evening that is sure to be "electrifying"



Monday, October 19, 2015

Drag Racing Comrades

Editorial assignment this evening was to cover some CO2 Drag Racing with Laconia Academy students.

 I enjoy getting out into the community and photographing these types of events.  Never know what you're walking into but always come away with a few photos and good conversations had in the process.

In this case a fraction of a second miss on the photographers part.  But this was a great group of folks so the conversation and camaraderie of the evening more than made up for it.  A good feeling walking out from school tonight - love my job!



Sunday, October 18, 2015

Letting the Moments Happen

I am constantly reminding myself during my portrait sessions that once I get folks comfortable into a pose; I need to allow them time to bring me the moment.  I find myself doing this in many different ways.  Conversation between all of us or in this case letting the conversation between mother daughter take over creating their own true moment - bringing joy.

I'm always hoping to bring an element of "carefree" into my sessions.  When asked "Grammie" didn't miss a beat to get a push on the swing from her grand daughters.  The girls joined in on the fun creating a moment where worries slip away and everyone feels like a kid.

Warmth of special moments on this frosty day.



Thursday, October 15, 2015

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Lovin' these fall days…..



Saturday, October 10, 2015

One Word ~ Silence

One Word Project ~ Silence

Tree Pose ~ A tree roots deeply into the ground
extending its branches silently toward the sky

Personal Work is extremely important to me.  I enjoy trying new ideas and concepts creatively, emotionally and physically.  Striving to reach outside my comfort zone.
This photo has a textured surface that I applied in Photoshop.  I wish I could remember where I took the texture photo ~ but honestly I have no clue and I suppose it doesn't matter.

When I made the Tree Pose photo I intentionally left it void of color.  Using a canvas paint drop cloth as a backdrop and a sheer material between myself and the camera.  I was hoping to create something with more depth.

Applying this second texture I intentionally added one with a hint of color to go with the feel of bark giving a protective covering.  At this point I consider it a work in progress…. as well as myself.

I'll take that




The opportunity to photograph friends is certainly a treasure as a photographer. 
 These two young ladies have known each other most of their lives.  They have a special bond together
but also have their own individual personalities.  As a photographer it is so important to bring their personality to the photo - leave the preconceived photos back at the office.
 The important moments will be when you stop a real moment for a split second and create a photo that encompasses the scope of dearest friendships.
 And even more importantly is to step out of the limelight and let their bond come through.
It will trump anything you could have pre envisioned every single time.

Inspiring words I learned from Jay Maisel  "go out open"
   let your subject bring the photo to you.



Friday, October 9, 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Three Years ~ minus a week or so

I received an email from my editor regarding a photo of a raft and slide I had taken back in 2012 while out making deliveries this morning.

As I was in Center Harbor I took the quick drive
over to Bean Road to see if things would be the same.  The winds calm and the day brilliant.

The raft has been moved closer to shore and the fall colors haven't really popped yet.  But for the
most part things were pretty close to how they were back in 2012.

Lesson of the day.
You can go back.
You can trust that things won't be quite the same.

In this case a slight shift in direction with a little less vibrance.

I'm okay with that - always well worth the drive!



Monday, October 5, 2015

Choose your Exposure

A Monday morning and in true "Monday Morning" fashion 
I found myself heading toward an open, quiet space.

Both of these photos were based on the need to choose my exposure
I chose wisely

Happy Monday

Photographically speaking

           - first image done in Infrared with a 20 second exposure
           - second image using a Neutral Density filter with a 2 second exposure



Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Connection and Trust ~ Priority #1

It's that time of year with senior portraits in full swing
 With each senior I tend to walk and talk ~ moving about  ~ changing things up ~ gives us both the
opportunity to feel comfortable throughout the session.
Building a foundation on trust.

We have some laughs in the mix
I encourage silliness
by all means ...embrace laughter!

 But mostly I'm looking for connection and trust from people.

Through trust you will receive connection.
Without it a photograph ~ and life for that matter~
doesn't work well.

I bring emotion to everything I do.
It's who I am and I'm happy to be this way.

Julia and I connected bringing her
personality to her photos and as
I edit her images her smile comes through in me.