Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hitting the Streets

While hailing a taxi outside of the Javits Center we met this young lad.  Ended up sharing
a taxi with him over to Grand Central Station.   During our brief conversation on the drive over we learned he was interning with a photographer in the Berkshires.  Excited about photography - beginning his journey into the crazy photographic world.  He landed this job by not simply asking; but by bringing along his gumption to learn and move forward creating the beginning of his personal journey
                            ~ hitting these streets with gusto.

When I first viewed this image on the back of my viewfinder I was reminded of a story told by Greg Heisler when he was about the same age as this young lad.  The resemblance in appearance and story meshed in my brain.  Heisler approached Arnold Newman, it took several times in his case, eventually being taken on as an assistant.  Mr. Newman expressing to a young Greg Heisler that -the business has changed kid you may want to embark on a different career.  In hindsight yes the business had changed, but Mr. Heisler managed to create his career despite those changes.  

I feel confident that this young lad will hear some of the same types of stories that the young Greg Heisler heard.  But through his gumption and drive he will carve out his photographic path and make it uniquely his own allowing those changes to be part of the obstacles that he will challenge.

I wish him the best and I hope we cross paths again down the road.



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