Thursday, October 29, 2015

One Word Project ~ Herculean

This one ironically took a herculean effort to create!  My concept was nailed down in my head but then with a change of plans the location and "props" changed.  So I set out on a new path and after two failed attempts found myself in a similar thought process working back to my original concept.  I was able to use my two doors as the main props.

I wanted to show effort
I wanted to give a dramatic shadow
relating back to that effort
Main light set low to the ground on camera left creates my shadow looming over me.  Had to keep my stance low to accommodate my shadow keeping my limbs visible as well as engaged with strength and purpose.

Second light on camera right was dialed in for a beam of light to hit my face.  Had a snoot on the flash to keep light from spilling onto the doors.

Many, many takes on this to get my positioning correct.  So when all was said and done….

Herculean Effort - closing the doors of Fear and Doubt



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