Saturday, October 10, 2015

One Word ~ Silence

One Word Project ~ Silence

Tree Pose ~ A tree roots deeply into the ground
extending its branches silently toward the sky

Personal Work is extremely important to me.  I enjoy trying new ideas and concepts creatively, emotionally and physically.  Striving to reach outside my comfort zone.
This photo has a textured surface that I applied in Photoshop.  I wish I could remember where I took the texture photo ~ but honestly I have no clue and I suppose it doesn't matter.

When I made the Tree Pose photo I intentionally left it void of color.  Using a canvas paint drop cloth as a backdrop and a sheer material between myself and the camera.  I was hoping to create something with more depth.

Applying this second texture I intentionally added one with a hint of color to go with the feel of bark giving a protective covering.  At this point I consider it a work in progress…. as well as myself.

I'll take that



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