Sunday, October 25, 2015


Four friends visit NYC for the PPE - over an impromptu dinner our conversation generated an idea and we agreed to choose one photo along with our story to share…

Grand Central Station ~ a frenzied hubbub of activity.
Sensory overload combining noise with the constant driven movement of people passing through in all directions within this magnificent building.  One young man stops dead center; pretty much the only stationary person within the frame.  Almost appearing as if he's stuck perhaps thinking or contemplating - which train - while the hubbub continues around him not missing a beat.

We ventured into several areas of this magnificent building.  Finding Campbell Apartment which is a private bar built in the 1920's.  As we found ourselves a seat and settled in for a cocktail we were able to take in this space that breathed of bygone days.  Not a quiet space per se but I have come to realize there are not too many "quiet" spaces in New York City.  But certainly a space to sit, relax and enjoy good conversations.

Back out onto the tracks folks quickened their pace as they rushed to board trains to take them home.  As the conductor continued to check his watch with heightened frequency we noticed the urgency of riders quicken as well.  When the door finally closed on the New Haven train we were standing close to a woman who did not make it on board.  You could see it in her posture - the acceptance of the fact that she would be getting home late on this evening ~ stuck.



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