Sunday, November 29, 2015

Be Free ~ Be You

One Word Project - using the word Free.  I was driving through downtown Laconia and I looked up and saw the leaves swirling in the wind above me.  Instantly it gave me that feeling of being "free" in a subconscious way and a smile came on my face that was a mile wide.
Free in an subconscious way ~ meaning I wasn't trying to feel free - I just had the weight of the world taken off my shoulders for that instant.  Later that day my friend Cathy assigned the word "free" in our photo project.  So I knew where I was heading but had no idea how to accomplish it in a photograph.

Sat on it for a day or two or three and came up with the idea to start with a photo of the compass over at WYC.  Every time I do a shoot there I am gravitated to photograph it.  This time I made an image using infrared.  Now came the hard part to try to convey that underlying freedom that I was feeling that day.

I set up white seamless paper and started working with long shutter speeds to create movement.  Chose an outfit that would move and flow with me as well.  Did a series of images and uploaded them onto the computer to see how things would mesh with my compass.  My first attempt worked fairly well.  I'll be the first to admit my compositing needs work but that is what this project is all about.  Trying new ideas and seeing if we can make them work.

The compass image was my base image and I composited two likenesses of me heading in different directions.  Once pasted onto the compass I reduced the opacity to further blend and make the final image more believable to the eye.

So at the end of the day ~ yes I feel Free.  It certainly doesn't mean that I don't often have the weight of the world on my shoulders.  But I can allow my moral compass to guide me along and trust that I will not be lead astray down the wrong path.

F  R  E  E  
Everyday we wake up with an underlying "why" to every choice we will encounter during the day.  We won't consciously think about what is propelling us towards one way or another.  It's an internal "yes" or "no" better described as our moral compass.
Be Free ~  Be You



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