Tuesday, November 17, 2015

One Word Project ~ FREE

Been doing this project starting in the Spring of this year and have come up with some interesting photographs to accompany our words over the past eight months.

This is the first post on my blog that will not have a photo to accompany it.  It is my turn and I came up with the word Free.  It was just what came into my head.  I've had a few ideas floating around and I've written down a couple of concepts that I thought I could try but nothing has quite "hit me" enough to get cracking and make the photo ~ until this afternoon.

About half way through the afternoon I realized I "felt" free.  Just a feeling and it was a wonderful feeling.  We all saddle ourselves with stuff.  Stuff that weighs us down or makes us unhappy.  As much as we try - it just won't shake off.   This afternoon it shock off.  Now my job is to somehow photograph that feeling.  I have no idea, but honestly, I

can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring….


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