Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Hummingbird Person

I recently listened to a talk done by Elizabeth Gilbert about "following your passion".  A few minutes into her talk I could relate to what she was saying and thought, yes, that's me.  But as she got into the meat of it I begin to shift and see myself differently.

A hummingbird person may not have that one passion that drives their course in life.  They may travel a different path - more like a pin ball bouncing off different elements and getting spit out every now and then as they make their way.

The hummingbird person creates a haphazard travel pattern that would unlikely be taken by someone who is following their passion with a solid route in mind.  It doesn't matter which category you feel you fall into.  Either way works and all the hummingbird people need not feel pressure to "find" a passion.  It's merely a different navigational route.  A hummingbird person shan't let the pressure of not "knowing" dissuade their journey.

Going forward try Curiosity.  "Lift your eyes and turn your head a quarter inch".   Allow curiosity to take the lead.   Don't allow the fear of failure to hamper the direction.  But rather let curiosity drive the bus.  You may not have any idea which road your passion is on but through curiosity eventually you will arrive where you are supposed to be.    

If I were to look back on my personal journey it would reveal a zig zagged pattern of a hummingbird person etched through the years.  I do believe I have found "a" passion ~ but now I'm a believer that life may have something more in store for me.  So on goes the pin ball bouncing and occasional "spitting out" route as I make my way ~ hopefully with a few bells and whistles thrown in for fun!



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