Sunday, December 27, 2015

Commanding Light

I absolutely love working with Ella - her poise and beauty show through in every move and pose that she does.

For this series we talked about commanding the doorway.  I set up three lights that were triggered off camera to highlight her form as well as the texture of the wall.

The main light was set up on camera right to light her face.  I used a soft box with grid to keep the light tamed on her with some highlights spreading to the wall. A second light was placed on camera left and dialed in to balance the light hitting her limbs and wall.  The third light was placed directly behind her to give a subtle highlight separating her from the darkness inside.  Overall I'm pleased with the results on my lighting but see that my balance of light wasn't perfect.  A little too hot on wall right as well as interior wall left.  What trumps this photo as a favorite is Ella's pose and expression.

The light allows me to see ~ but the pose and expression command me to feel.

She commands her space beautifully.



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