Monday, December 7, 2015

Growing Out of Darkness

Trying to bring a concept to life in a photograph.  In my mind I come up with ideas and they grow into thoughts that lead to the next progression which is "how do I convey that feeling into a visual image?"

First of all I want to thank my girlfriends Deb and Cathy.  They are always willing to listen to my crazy ideas and work together to make things happen.

For this one I was getting a bit more complex in nature.  We could have easily gone outside and done this image ~ but instead took on the task of bringing the outside inside and adding light to attempt a natural looking photograph.  As in most of these experiments I learn how much more I need to learn.

The basis for this concept was growing out of the darkness ~ breaking free.  We all have a "darkness" within us that we sometimes just can't break free from. It holds us captive if you will.  We were working on the idea of a faerie shoot so the combination worked in my head and "dark faerie" came to life.  I didn't go with a traditional faerie for this one as she's still being held by the darkness below.  Not to worry though ~ It's not all darkness.  I have "light faerie" and "natural faerie" in the back of my head for the next go around.



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