Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One Word ~ Gift

One Word Project ~ Gift

For most of our past words I've been the "director and producer" of the final photo.  Planning out a concept and creating an image.

For this word I decided to go with the spirit of the Christmas season and see what would come my way in the form of a "gift".  Part of the inspiration for this idea came from a post on Joe McNally's blog back on 7-13-2013.  Fittingly my birthday.  Quoting from his post "A Gift Photographically   …the grace of someone’s time, the whimsy of their expression…."  His words struck a chord with me and his message hit home.

Through our camera we are able to give gifts that we produce as a printed photograph.  This young lad gave me the gift of his attention.  He was drawn with interest to my camera and enjoyed touching the buttons and looking at the photos of his monkey that I had made.  We shared a couple of minutes together and as most two year olds he was ready to move on to something new.  Talking with his gramps later in the day our conversation about photography divulged that he doesn't have many printed photos of his grandson.

Now those couple of minutes in the kitchen and a couple more out on the lawn will find their resting place as printed photographs.  Memories will conjure up not only from this day but this year as well.
Children grow up so fast - preserving memories of their younger years through a print that can held and touched helps to keep those memories vivid.  A gift that will stay with you long after the moments pass.  



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