Friday, December 18, 2015

This Dance

I posted this photo of myself for my profile picture.  It was another of my "practice lighting" sessions that I set up to build on my knowledge of how to see and manage light.  A 7' parabolic umbrella with a silver lining to give a punchier light to this series.    

Reading comments to my FB page made me think there's so much more to it.  One comment on the lighting ~ I was excited that Mary Ann noticed the lighting~!  Don't get me wrong it's nice to receive compliments on how you look in a portrait and I appreciate the kindness extended ….but there's so much more to it for me.  Loved my friend Dorothy's comments - " lush and liberal ?" ~  "the dress is nothing without you in it".  Keeping in mind it's the "you" that is the most important feature.  Not the physical flesh and bones you -  the "YOU"

Just listened to a song on Pandora that sparked this posting.  "This Dance" by Five for Fighting.
The lyrics at the end of the song read "you put the beautiful in life" "you put the beautiful in life"

That's the spirit I believe we should all go into 2016 with.  We all have the capability to "put the beautiful in life"  

That's the road I want to be on…... 



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