Monday, January 11, 2016

Into the Land of Fairy Dust

Emily, Kim and I have done multiple projects together over the years.  You could say we've grown together in the love of our crafts.  During our last shoot Emily threw out the idea of a fairy shoot.
Didn't take me long to have concepts starting to brew inside my head and in that process I came up with a couple of pairs of "fairy wings".  That was about as much as I got nailed down.  The rest was a wonderful collaboration between the three of us.  Kimberly does Emily's hair and finishing touches on her makeup.  We work together to come up with an outfit and then I style the lighting and props to pull it all together into a photograph.

I couldn't be happier with this series.  I'm not saying that I perfectly executed each photograph ~ but I'm learning and adapting and coming up with artistic renditions combining the creativity from two wonderful women.  My basement looked like a cyclone went through it.  But during these two shoots we had fun….laughed and made our ideas come to life.

Emily is a natural in front of my camera.  She's watched me grow in my confidence as a photographer and I've watched her grow as a model.  I'll present something crazy like a corset using birch bark and she'll accept it with enthusiasm as well as patience as I build it piece by piece.   I enjoy the fact that we don't have everything thought out ahead of time.  Working together is what makes these sessions flow so well.  

 So into the Land of Fairy Dust we traveled.  It was an adventure unlike most others - curiosity with an eye for color and mood - with a bit of fog thrown in for intrigue~ !

Discussion that came about for our next outing   ~~~  mermaid !



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