Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Landscape On the Fly

I have been asked by fellow photographer Ian Raymond to join in on a Landscape Challenge.  Posting a series of landscape photos for seven days and joining another photographer in on the ride each day.

I do not consider landscape photography my forte.  I struggle with it.  Don't get me wrong ~ I always enjoy going out and shooting landscapes.  We live in such a beautiful area that offers lovely vistas around every turn.  This is more me - my lack of patience.  I tend to shoot "on the fly"

So for Day 1 I offer this photo named "On The Fly"

Taken from a bus bringing us from Grand Junction to Aspen Colorado in 2010.  We were flying into Aspen to meet our son and watch him compete in the Junior Olympics for ski racing.  Flights into Aspen were cancelled due to high winds.  A frequent occurrence at this small airport in the Rocky Mountains.  A quick divert to Grand Junction followed by a three hour bus ride back to our final destination.  Made for a long day of travel.  But the plateaus and rugged country of the high desert were gorgeous and caught my eye.

This was another shot that caught my eye.  A day of flying up in Plymouth, NH with friends.  Flying above offers a different perspective and allows you to see things you would miss from the ground.  While above I noticed this river winding around with a lush crop of trees in its center.  It looked lovely to me and was worthy of a photograph.  I was drawn to the beauty of the greens and their simplicity balanced by the depth of texture from the trees.

I'll be inviting my friend Sandy to join in on the challenge on day 1.  I met Sandy a couple of years back at a workshop with Jay Maisel at Maine Media.  We delved into the world of "street photography" for the week and had a blast.  Last year she took a workshop dedicated to architecture and her work is just beautiful.
Oh!  the places we will go…..



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