Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Stormy Weather

2/7 Landscape challenge
"Coming Through the Fog"

 Photographers are not fair weather friends ~ that's what I love about us.  This is a photo that really has to be looked at to be seen.  It was taken from a fireworks display on Hampton Beach.  The fog was thick - so much so that my camera and lens were dripping wet and had to be wiped off frequently through the bursts.  What I love the most about this photograph is the people stretched along the beach.  As I said you have to look closely - the depth of the crowd comes only when you focus in on them.  The fireworks were lack luster and the weather deplorable but we were still all there enjoying the evening together.

This second image shows an interior of a restaurant in the North End of Boston.  When I look at it I find Etta James song "Stormy Weather" wafting around in my head.  The color - the mood - the style all bring it forth.  Her sultry style brings the photo of the woman at the bar to life.

Photos do that they bring a moment to life.  I recently watched a video with Sam Abell and he talked about photos in this way.  Not all photos have a life ~ and some have a long, deep life.  Some may not have a life until you revisit them years later.

You trust people -- you trust life -- if they invite you and it seems strange you go anyway….



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