Friday, January 22, 2016

Up With the Sun

I'm an early riser.  More so now as I'm getting older.  I laugh for all those years I needed an alarm clock set for 6am and now that I don't have so many early morning commitments I still rise before the sun unassisted.

When I travel I have always been of the mindset to get up and go.  This trip was no different.  A workshop in Maine on Light Work.  More of the strobist kind but during my personal time I would rise early and be in search of pretty light in its natural glory.    This is the view from my room on one of those mornings.  Luckily I was only minutes from the sea and was able to scramble in time for one of the most beautiful sunrises that I've ever witnessed.

Sunrises wake you not only with their visual splendor but they also wake up your inner self.  They allow your day to start peacefully and with a calmness difficult to describe.  They put a spring in your step!

This next photo was from a Trail Work project I did a couple of years back.  Again an early morning walk in the woods.  It was a foggy, warm day and the light and colors were spectacular all around me.

I found these delicate little flowers along the rivers' edge.  The trees above them looming.  They caught me in a way to make me stop, lay down on the ground and spend a few minutes with them.  Memories of my boys when they were younger bringing a handful of these delicate blooms to me came to mind as I lay in the cool moss.

Small things that make you happy…..



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