Friday, January 8, 2016

Visit With A Friend ~ Story #4

Story #4

Stopped in to see my friend K who I met last summer.  It was a work day for her so we kept it brief and made plans to catch up this summer when I revisit.   Her suggestion was to head over to Beech Hill.  A short walk that opens up to an expansive view of the ocean above Rockport.

K asked how my infrared work was coming along.  My response - sadly - was that I wasn't making the time for it as I should.  I don't like to say that response.  If you want to do something you will always "make" the time.  So even before I parked the car I knew I would be taking the infrared camera on this walk up Beech Hill.   The best way to learn is to try ~ I've got so much to learn combined with a great willingness to try.

K described it as a short walk that opens up to views of the ocean.  It was simple yes but spectacular in its simplicity.  Stories of photographers walking up with headlamps at night to view the Northern Lights.  I'm optimistic that this summer will present itself with an evening up on the "hill".

Once you crest the hill you are treated to this most lovely stone structure.  A wraparound porch with stone archways and moss covered roof.  It fits perfectly and offers a place to sit and relax and breathe in the view while enjoying each others company.  

A I was walking down I thought to myself this is just as lovely.   The mountains in the distance offered a more familiar view like home.  Jim was over on Camden Snow Bowl participating in a coaching course.  This was the catalyst that brought us to Maine.  Not my photography this time - although my day was filled with doing just that on this small hill while Jim was doing what he loved over on the big boy hill!




  1. I love the stone structure and started daydreaming of how nice it would be to see the Northern Lights from there.

  2. Yes, I'm thinking they'd be spectacular!