Sunday, February 21, 2016


One Word ~ BOLD

The first thing that came to my head was Superman and …..boldly go where no man….. blah blah blah.    Well, of course the next thing to pop into my head was the fact that those words were from Star Trek.  Didn't matter though because my mind was already set into motion on a Superman theme and I was standing firm.  So then I needed to figure out how and what I'm going to shoot for Superman.  I searched for phone booths online and low and behold I came up with a backdrop of a old style phone booth.  Once I had that I reached out to my friend Elaine and she was game to come over and have some fun.  Heck she didn't even ask what my "word" was ~ that's trust!

We went over the concept and she got into character and quite honestly nailed it!  It's a fun photo but more importantly it's just as much, if not more about the time we spend together and the conversations we share.   We support each other not only in good times but in times of distress when friends are exactly what you need.

So the backdrop didn't get taken down over the course of a week and I had a shoot cancellation…. just enough time to bring out my inner Clara Kent and have a go with the phone booth.

I'm finding it's a step by step process to build a lighting setup.  First light I set was to illuminate the phone booth.  Gridded beauty dish to cast just enough light onto the background highlighting the "changing room".

Second light was an ice light gelled blue set up directly behind "Clara" for a blue, nightly cast on the wall and giving separation from the dark alley.

Final light was a strip soft box with a grid to highlight Clara's quick exit from the alley ~  and lastly threw in the "street" lamp for fun.

Mission accomplished  ….time to head back to the newsroom!



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