Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I LOVE My Job!

Like so many people in the world I love my job.  Each and every time I head out with my camera I find a renewed excitement for what it is I do.  I make pictures - sounds like an easy job.  But along with making pictures comes a responsibility to produce your best work on every given day.  I'm not saying that I think my work is "the best work" out there.  But one thing I can definitely say is that I go about each day with a sound resolution to do the best I am able.  

This morning started with coverage of the NH Primary.  I visited three towns and photographed the voting process in our small part of New Hampshire.  Visited some old friends and talked with new acquaintances.  One of the things I love about Editorial work is getting out into our community.

Another important part of my business is portraiture.  Something I truly enjoy as I'm able to get a bit more creative in the process of making photographs - rather than the stricter guidelines of editorial work.

On this day I was photographing dear friends.  Deb and her niece Michelle.  All families have their struggles and I'm a believer that no family is immune to them.  It's how we handle those struggles that makes us not only who we are but how the world sees us.

I love the playfulness of this series of photos.  But more importantly I love the confidence and love that shines through on each frame.  This was one of those sessions that made me light up inside.  Struggles put aside, the music turned up and a little shimmy in our step!  Just a delightful afternoon…..

Love you ladies ~ you rock!



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