Monday, February 15, 2016

Rigging To Sail

Received a phone call this morning from a friend   "...there's a bunch of ice boats launching from Ames Farm beach you interested in heading over?"

Donned my warm, winter gear and went off to see what was happening.

Ames Farm Inn in Gilford is a great summer vacation spot - keeping the traditional "olden days" feel with a cluster of cabins dotted along the waters' edge.  Not a place that is open for visitors throughout the winter months.

On this day a group of sailors from the New England Ice Yacht Association took up residence for a day of ice sailing.  With the wind relatively calm I found a laid back intention as the group rigged their sails.

Temperatures were tolerable and the warmth of the sun could be felt as adjustments and connections were made.

Sailboats stood at the ready for the breeze to build.

This gave me the opportunity to chat with these folks about their boats and gear.  Here Phil explains the apparatus around his neck.  A hand made ice pick device that would assist him in the event that the ice falls thin giving an extra grip to get him to dry ground.  He sits on the edge of the boat he built back in 2008 or so.

Jack hailing from Falmouth hoists his sail with the anticipation of an afternoon of friendly competition on the ice.  Too busy to travel during the summer months due to his work schedule at a marina on the Cape he enjoys these winter getaways to destinations unexplored.

So many generations of memories from this pavilion located at the center of Ames Farm Inn on Lake Winnipesaukee.  I've included it as an interesting foreground to look out to the folks enjoying her shores during our frozen months.

With a skip in his step this sailor heads out into the bay to catch some wind.

On this day the "wind factor" was fairly sparse.  But it didn't seem to deter the jubilance of this group.  It's just like sailing with no wind in the summer.  You've still had the opportunity to spend a beautiful day on the lake with good friends!



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