Monday, February 22, 2016

Sweet Taste of Spring

I love New Hampshire traditions ~ maple sugaring being one of them.  
The tapping of trees to extract their sap.  
Then boiling it down in large quantity to produce a sweet syrup.
It's a process of many steps and the final output is small in scale.  
But it is one of things in life that is worth every single drop.

A search around the yard to pick out the maple trees.

Once found, a small hole is drilled

…and a spigot hammered in.

This is a family effort with each member having fun through the process.

Within moments the sap begins to flow allowing Julia to catch a few drops before her dad places the bucket on the tree.

As I look around the yard I see gray appendages - but in my mind I'm tasting their sweetness.

Tree Tapping ~~ Lip Smacking  ~~  good old fashioned fun!



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