Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dance To Your Hearts' Content

….and this kind of shoot beats my heart!  I can't dance - just don't have good rhythm.  Doesn't mean I don't dance - just means I don't think I do it well.

Most people are self conscious in what they do.  They do it - they're good at it - but there is always a piece of them thinking they don't do it well enough.

I had the pleasure of photographing Demi, a dance student studying in NYC.  She is an incredible dancer - as I noted in an earlier message she's got "pizazz x's 10"

But still there's something about being in front of a camera that brings out insecurities in just about everybody.  The entire way through this session we would collaborate.
    Karen   "show me make you're thinking Demi..."
    Demi would get into her "dance zone" and do these creative dance moves.  Then I would begin to build a photograph by placing her within my frame and working through the lighting scenarios.

The collaboration would continue through each setup.  "My main light is here - aim your focus in that direction.  Try to extend your body this way or that.  I need to see all your limbs…..  "
Even with Demi's extensive dance background she still wanted that direction.  It helps her visualize in her head what I'm putting into the frame.   To see what I am seeing.

Her ability to come up with unique positions with just a little bit of guidance was incredible.
Whether she was within the confines of a door frame…..

 ….or taking control of the hallway.

Demi brought vibrance to the party that is uniquely her own.  The best part of doing a photo shoot like this is being able to allow another person to show you who they are.

This young lady opened my eyes and brought sparks into my lens.

I just love her body position and energy in this series!

As we calmed down and the cold started to set in we settled into a few last reflective moments.

This job was truly a breathe of fresh air!



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