Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's What's Inside

One Word ~   Circle

"My outer body deserves to be admired because it's gorgeous but, quite honestly, the least interesting thing about me…."                                    author  unknown

When it was my turn to come up with a word ~ I chose CIRCLE.  A simple quote that kept coming back to mind when I started to brainstorm ideas.  So I went with it and made a photograph.

I headed to the grocery store and bought a bermuda onion, kiwi fruit and some tomatoes.
All of these items have a fairly plain exterior ~ but when you cut them open you will see a different story.  Each one of them has a unique character all their own making them interesting in their own right.

When I ever cut open the onion and saw the heart center I knew my choice was the right one.

My next step was to play around within Photoshop to see if I could find a combination that spoke to this feeling.  First I went to Emboss and that produced an interesting effect but wasn't quite catching me the way I wanted it to.  On to Extrude.  This one was trial and error as I couldn't see how the elements I applied were going to effect the photo.  After a bit of back and forth I came up with this rendition.  It made a connection with my thoughts from the quote above.

Selecting the "block" feature gave the appearance of many individual spines coming out from the image - this I relate to an abundance of people.
Each one reaching out from within to show themselves to the world.

As a society we place so much emphasis on that outer shell.  Perhaps we'd all do a little better if our emphasis was on what's inside.

Food for Thought!

More to chew on    ….some of the "traditional" style photos from this shoot



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