Friday, March 4, 2016

One Word


  1. existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence

    This word brought all kinds of possibilities into my head.  Most of them being more of what I consider to be a traditional abstract photograph.  A few that I recall over the years are images of trees out in our back yard.  I would photograph them during the different seasons by opening up my aperture, slowing the shutter speed and panning the trees.  It created some beautiful photos.  Another time was when I was with a friend in Maine and we happened upon some fireworks at the end of our evening.  Not wanting to take the time to go to the car and get our tripods we photographed them by hand holding our cameras.  Again, with intentional movement of the camera creating fireworks images that looked nothing like when they exploded in the night sky. 

So……. how the heck did this photo come from thinking about all of that?  In the spirit of this project I was drawn to make something different.  So instead of using an abstract technique I decided to use an idea.  I chose an idea that doesn't really exist in the concrete form but yet it exists in our minds.  

Thoughts churn around in our brains ~ we grind them up a bit ~ and eventually spit out a new idea.

In the spirit of humor I tend to think many of the thoughts that have floated around in my head over the past years as "bird brain" ideas.  And I've had my share that I've churned and ground down with plenty of new ideas as an end result.  Through the process of making this photo I came to realize that I proudly own each and every one of those "bird brain" ideas and God willing shall continue churning out loads more in the years to come.  

This photo was photographed using a custom backdrop that I painted.
It's time for all of us to own who we are, how we think and take pride in what we put out into the world.  This was a darn good word ~ thanks Cathy!



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