Sunday, March 20, 2016

Seeing the Light

This session was done using all continuous lighting.  Adding the light one by one placing them exactly where I wanted each one to shine.

Started out with two soft boxes skirting light on my right and left. Main light to illuminate my face and left arm with the secondary light having a grid to keep the light wrangled off the background.  Third light was placed on the floor facing upwards to fill in a few of the shadows…..not all of them as I wanted to keep a more dramatic look. Kept this light "light in power"and diffused.  A soft wash lifting upwards.

Feeling a little left out over my right shoulder up went a fourth light placed overhead to shine a little love down on my tricep.  And finally two small lights just behind my waist to illuminate the wall and give a bit of separation.

Hand painted backdrop and a little black dress ~ Voila!



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