Thursday, March 31, 2016


V.A.L. in photo lingo stands for Voice Activated Lightstand.  I spent many a shoot being a VAL and have learned immensely from those experiences.

The best shoots are the ones where all parties collaborate.  The talent, photographer and assistants working together make a shoot successful.

For this setup with Demi we wanted to keep the theater as it was ~ dark.  The mood felt like she was sitting in the second row watching a performance.  With that idea though we still had to shed some light on her.    Two very small continuous lights were placed at her feet criss crossed and channeling light up towards her face.  Cathy and I talked about this -- and even though it's not commonly a successful way to light a woman - in this case it worked quite well.  The light at the back of the stage was giving a hint of illumination but not enough to give Demi separation and make her stand out from her surroundings.

So in pops Cathy as our V.A.L.  She held a single strobe up over Demi's back to highlight her and the seating making the photo work.  

Once we got a few at this angle we let Demi get into her vibe and watched her take the stage from the seats! 

I was fortunate that Cathy had the day off from work and was able to join me on this particular venture.

She had some fun capturing the down and dirty photographer rolling around in the dust to make the shot

….as well as sharing with Demi so she had a feel of what we're seeing through our lenses.

Thanks to both ladies ~ we make a great team!



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