Monday, April 25, 2016


One Word ~ Calm

This photo got lost in the cracks as life took different twists and turns for both Cathy and myself.  The original preface for this photo was to calmly enter into the "tunnel of lighting".  Learning lighting is a critical part of photography.  Photography is nothing without light.

What I've learned after these past 10 days is that life is nothing without light.  A glimmer of light looked upon as hope will guide you through the darkest tunnel you will ever encounter.  For me my darkest tunnel was that hour and a half car ride up to DHMC on Saturday, April 16th.  Knowing my son was in emergency surgery from a car accident but knowing nothing else.  There were signs seen in the sunlight that gave me hope as well as brought fear.  We try our best to cling to hope but oh my goodness that fear is a persistent animal.

I had taken a yoga class early Saturday morning with Gina McGuire and one thing that resonated with me during class was her talk about HOPE  ~ Hang On Pain Ends.    Little did I know at the time how important that would be in the next few hours and following days.  

In situations like this our family and friends are our "rocks".  To my beautiful rock garden I give my heartfelt thanks and love.  Your prayers, thoughtful notes and time spent were a Godsend.  There will always be dark tunnels to go through in life.  With our "light" we will make it through to a brighter place!



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