Monday, April 11, 2016

I've Got Your Back

Been trying my hand at backdrop painting.  The first "main" sides I took the easy route.  Each sporting a single color.

Pink Chocolate for one and Pretzel Twist for the other.  They compliment each other and could be used together if needed.

For the backsides it was time to get adventurous and here's what I came away with.
Because you know there's always two sides to every story….

I'm seeing a softer side for portraits on this one;

Envisioning heading towards a "crusty" route with this piece.  Chimney Stone was the color mixed in with a little bleed through from the pink chocolate and a bit of white to give some extra texture.  Also experimented with using various applications to give different textures to the canvas.  A mop, a dustpan brush and a sponge for blending.  I'm thinking with the right lighting I'll be able to dream up something hard and contrasty to make this baby pop.  Time to test them out and see how they photograph.

... stay tuned



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