Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sometimes I Wonder Myself

Whenever I go out shooting I'm always receiving comments from passers by.  This trip to Boston was no different.  We had some fun conversations and experiences with folks during our walk through the city streets.

The comment while making this photo   "I never saw anyone take a photo of "that" alley before….."
We smiled and both went on our way.  Quick exchange no harm no foul.  More times that I can count someone will question the photograph that I'm making when I'm out shooting.  They don't understand what my draw is to take a photograph of "THAT"
I completely get it ~~ honestly sometimes I wonder myself ...what am I seeing here?
In this case I was focusing on the gentlemen walking through on the street in the distance seen through the alleyway.  For me it' a quick reflex photo ~ for the passerby I'm thinking he thought I was a little odd!

I think we're both right ~ it's an odd photo.  I happen to like it and therefore it gets a life.