Sunday, June 19, 2016

Be Happy - Where You Are - Right Now

One of the most important things I've learned from our "one word" project is not to take myself too seriously.  Some of the projects I come up with I would not have done in my younger years.  Too self conscious - too insecure - too whatever!

As we age we become more relaxed - accepting of ourselves - and most importantly forgiving of ourselves.

When I came up with ME it was by opening up the dictionary and choosing a word from that page.
A random process that brought a smile to my face - knowing this could be a "fun one".

So when I look at this photo of ME I see a 55 (soon to be 56) year old woman who has realized that She Is Happy - Where She Is - Right Now.  That in itself has made this personal project worth its weight in gold.  When I'm able to share this experience with others -male and female- it really is a nice feeling.

I am not wallpaper
I love vintage -  going consignment shopping
I am soft - a hopeless romantic
I have a quirky sense of humor - sarcastic
I Am Happy
Where I Am
Right Now

A Jay Maisel quote that has stayed with me " ...most effective use of pattern is when it becomes interrupted.  Otherwise, it gets to be like wallpaper"



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