Saturday, June 11, 2016

Meeting People

Once again Motorcycle Week has arrived to the Lakes Region.  Thousands of folks will make the trek to join in the fray of motorcycles, music, camaraderie and leather.

My job takes me out into our community and this is one of the favorite elements of my job.  I get to meet people in the process of finding feature photos.  This couple, Cyndie and Vance, traveling from Maine are first time visitors to NH for bike week.  The interesting twist to the story is that the bike they are riding on has been a frequent visitor with Vance's dad ~ 17 years worth.  Traditions carried on.

A first for Bike Week will be the Laconia Fest being assembled at the Weirs Beach Drive In Theater.  Stages, VIP's music and lots of beer will be on tap for the week long music festival.  These folks are checking the lights and sound along with chatter about "car 54 where are you?"  Nope, I'm certainly not too young to remember.....

Fun crew   --- good picture taking days!



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