Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pulling Faceted Layers Together

One Word - Layers

Picked this word randomly from something I was reading.  Thought it would make a good choice - and chose it I did.  Soon thereafter I had a general plan in my head.  I purchased a new dress back in the Spring.  It's a lovely dress but not one that I would have many occasions to wear.  Didn't matter though - because I loved it.  Definitely an impulse buy and it came with no regret.   When I looked at the dress hanging from a light stand I concentrated on its layers.  There planted that small seed of inspiration and creativity.  Once those little seeds get planted they tend to sprout in their own time.  Well, this one sprouted quickly.  I had done some work earlier this spring and wanted to continue the thread from a book I had read.   Of course work, summer and life in general sidelined my personal project time a bit.  Happy to say my little grey dress and spark of inspiration drove me back into gear.   These personal projects help me grow, accept, learn and fail.  They inspire and push me in a direction that is uniquely mine.

The second half of my "plan" was the story telling piece which I pulled from that continuing thread.  Lives that were forever changed under the circumstances during that place and time.  Every "body" has a story.  Their own unique story.  A story that is not always understood, pleasant or otherwise noted as a happy one.  Stories that hold faceted layers... so many, many stories.

As I blended my thoughts and colors in a conceptually photographic way I came to understand my own unique story.  From a beginning - to a middle -  and following through to an end.

It's not just another story - rather my unique one.



Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Do You Believe in Magic?

Upon first hearing the word "Magic" for our one word project my initial thought was this will be an easy one.  But after giving it some thought I really wasn't able to nail down a particular concept for a photograph right away.  I like it when a word gives me pause.  I've come to understand it is a process.  You give a few ideas some time and still come up empty.  So you come up with a few more ideas....

Somewhere along the line I got my mind wrapped around the magic of a "genie in a bottle" and went with it.  My first attempts were using some "smoke bombs" I had picked up in my bag of goodies.  The smoke pretty much took over the lamp and oozed out of every orifice so I wasn't thinking that was going to work out too well.

So then I came up with some old sparklers that were hanging around.  When I say hanging around I'm talking years of hanging around.  Not quite sure it they would even light up or offer any kind of spark!

After many attempts they did light up and I was able to get a smoke trail that worked with my concept.   A few leaps and bounds later and you get the picture.

And as the story goes..... "She Was The Magic"  



Sunday, July 24, 2016

Them's The Berries II

As I was writing this blog post I realized it sounded familiar.  
I took a look back down memory lane and saw that I had posted a "Them's The Berries" post in August of 2011 as well.  Had fun reading through some of my blog posts from over the years.  Been posting little snippets of thoughts and photos since 2010.  Makes me realize I haven't changed much through the years - just a little older and hopefully wiser!

Blueberry picking is something I do each year - only missed a couple of years that I can think of.
In New Hampshire we have an abundance of wild blueberries on our mountain tops within an easy hike from our home.

On this day Elaine and I hit the trail with our tupperware in tow.  Saw a few friends along the trail and picked a bounty of sweet, blue freshness that will get served up in a special dessert later this week.

Simple pleasures in life.
The only requirement being to reach out a hand....



Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

There's No Crowd

My day yesterday was a bit "odd".  Things happen to us that set us off kilter all the time.  Yesterday was one of those days.  First oddity was locking myself out of my car and bringing me to this place.  As I was walking past these swings I smiled and snapped a quick iPhone picture.

I tend to be someone that doesn't follow the crowd.  I am opinionated and insecure at the same time.

If I had my druthers though I would always venture away from the direction everyone else is going.  An adventurer of sorts.

There's no crowd ~ Go There!~ 



Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Such a nice stay with Roy and Helene at the Ullikana Inn in Bar Harbor.  

This particular inn dates back to the early 1900's and has been run by its present owners for the past 26 years.

Each room in compiled with treasures from years past.  Warm welcoming rooms with accompanying smiles from fellow guests as we begin our day on the island.

So many lovely nooks and crannies as your walk through her common rooms.

This gentle lad, Louie, 13 years old came to sit with me after my early morning walkabout at sunrise.  His gate was slow, his eyes warm and his bark soft.... a gentle friendly soul.

Our last morning at the Inn we were served a puffed pancake with raspberries and blueberries - YUM!

Highly recommended on your next visit to Bar Harbor - a lovely place along the sea.



Monday, July 18, 2016

Stroll Through Town

A road trip to Bangor Maine brought us to the town of Hallowell for lunch and a short stroll down Main Street.  A quaint Maine town along the Kennebec River welcoming tourists with its charm and old architecture.  

You can't help but love the personal touch of this small town...

and she's been around the block for quite some time.

 Had my kind of "window shopping" with just a slew of interesting items inside.

I'd say this girl here was just waiting for someone with a camera to take her picture and I was happy to oblige.



Sunday, July 17, 2016

Do Not Pass

One Word Project - DOUBLE

The word double stumped me a bit ~ and heck I was the one that picked it!  I had a crude idea that involved bubble gum - but just couldn't get it locked down and also couldn't find a block of time to execute a photo.  So I apologized to Cathy for being "the delinquent" and headed off to Maine for a long birthday weekend celebration with friends.

I thought perhaps I will find something Down East that I could make work for "double".  Driving along The Loop Road in Bar Harbor I found what I was looking for
....and honestly so very much more.

This is a lovely drive.  I was up for sunrise and decided to stay along the shore path to photograph the sun peeking up over the ocean horizon.  Of course sunrise being at the ripe ol' time of minutes after 5 am I was solo in my venture.  Afterwards I hopped into my car and went exploring the area.  Hadn't been to Acadia National Park for probably 30 years so it was like being there for the first time. 
As I navigated and found "The Loop Road" I saw a deer along the side of the road.  I kept driving and he bounded back into the woods -- both of us going our separate ways after a mere glance.  

Further down the road I saw the image above.  That "double" yellow line and the curve of the road grabbed me and I pulled over and got my camera out of the trunk.  After the first click I noticed these two - a doe and her fawn coming out from the adjacent driveway.  We were less than 10 feet away from each other.  We looked at each other - we all paused -  then remarkably the doe and fawn just walked past me quite casually.  They heard my camera clicks but knew I was not there to do any harm.  It was like a conversation of sorts - quiet but knowing. 
An approaching car caught their attention and quickened their pace as they gently walked back into the woods.  


Upon seeing that first deer while I was driving I thought how nice it is to have that special feeling when you see another creature.  An admiration for another living being in this moment and place.

As I was packing my camera back up into my car - in the front seat this time -
-  hanging from the headrest...
I realized that "Do Not Pass" DOUBLE yellow line just created a memory that will last me a good long time.

"Do Not Pass" up the opportunity you are given in this lifetime.  Keep that simple double yellow line in the back of your head next time you want to pass something by.....

July 2016
Bar Harbor, ME



Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

Down By the River

Working with the infrared process once again.  This time down by the river.
I certainly took quite a few shots of the water but the rocks and moss were a good draw as well.

Loved the feel I was getting looking into the woods surrounding the water.
It gave mood and emotion without the turmoil of the river.  In this series it was more about grounding to the earth.

I do believe I'm starting to understand and connect with this style of photography.  I'm thinking we're starting into a mutually agreeable relationship!



Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Visitor

A visitor resting for a spell on my kayak.  I can remember back when I was young being so afraid of dragonflies.  They were referred to as "sewing needles" and I was lead to believe they would sew my mouth shut - I would assume in an attempt to keep me quiet!  I'm typically a quiet person - but have found as I age will speak my mind rather than hold my tongue.  I will say what I need to say.

Happy to say I no longer believe or hold that fear.  I still get startled from time to time - but this guy came with no harm intended and allowed me to take in his delicate beauty as we skimmed across the water together.



Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

One Word - SPOOKY

 Our one word project brought us SPOOKY.  I've been reading a couple of books about the Willard Asylum and the lost suitcases there.  Came upon the first book by chance and I've been hooked with the story and creative ways to tell it through my photographs.

The other piece was applying a "wet plate" filter to existing photos to pull viewers back in time circa 1920.  Take a trip with me to upper state New York....

 Some days the only thing I could do was watch the birds fly....

My father speaking with the doctor - I knew their words and actions were about me...

Looking out towards the lake my heart knew it was time....

Later that night ....the only way I was going to stay sane was to leave.



A Lake Relay for the Books

 The competition was fierce
the cheering exuberant

with keen footwork through the paces

 and just a whole lot of family love.

Great day with the Bradley crew for their annual 4th of July Relay Race.


Friday, July 1, 2016

You Are Welcome

One of the things I find most interesting in photography - and life for that matter - is what each of us gets attracted to.   During an exercise class I was drawn to the light coming from under the door throughout class.  Knew it caught me enough that I would take a quick photo with my phone once the class was done.

Looking through the photos it was the reflection that caught me in the end.  The light coming under the door lost it's grab through the iPhone snap.  We're frequently told in photography speak that we have "a good eye".  But I think what we really have is a good heart and that's what comes through time and again in our work with a camera.

The eyes and the heart are connected - it reveals who we are on the other side of that door.