Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Do You Believe in Magic?

Upon first hearing the word "Magic" for our one word project my initial thought was this will be an easy one.  But after giving it some thought I really wasn't able to nail down a particular concept for a photograph right away.  I like it when a word gives me pause.  I've come to understand it is a process.  You give a few ideas some time and still come up empty.  So you come up with a few more ideas....

Somewhere along the line I got my mind wrapped around the magic of a "genie in a bottle" and went with it.  My first attempts were using some "smoke bombs" I had picked up in my bag of goodies.  The smoke pretty much took over the lamp and oozed out of every orifice so I wasn't thinking that was going to work out too well.

So then I came up with some old sparklers that were hanging around.  When I say hanging around I'm talking years of hanging around.  Not quite sure it they would even light up or offer any kind of spark!

After many attempts they did light up and I was able to get a smoke trail that worked with my concept.   A few leaps and bounds later and you get the picture.

And as the story goes..... "She Was The Magic"  



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