Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pulling Faceted Layers Together

One Word - Layers

Picked this word randomly from something I was reading.  Thought it would make a good choice - and chose it I did.  Soon thereafter I had a general plan in my head.  I purchased a new dress back in the Spring.  It's a lovely dress but not one that I would have many occasions to wear.  Didn't matter though - because I loved it.  Definitely an impulse buy and it came with no regret.   When I looked at the dress hanging from a light stand I concentrated on its layers.  There planted that small seed of inspiration and creativity.  Once those little seeds get planted they tend to sprout in their own time.  Well, this one sprouted quickly.  I had done some work earlier this spring and wanted to continue the thread from a book I had read.   Of course work, summer and life in general sidelined my personal project time a bit.  Happy to say my little grey dress and spark of inspiration drove me back into gear.   These personal projects help me grow, accept, learn and fail.  They inspire and push me in a direction that is uniquely mine.

The second half of my "plan" was the story telling piece which I pulled from that continuing thread.  Lives that were forever changed under the circumstances during that place and time.  Every "body" has a story.  Their own unique story.  A story that is not always understood, pleasant or otherwise noted as a happy one.  Stories that hold faceted layers... so many, many stories.

As I blended my thoughts and colors in a conceptually photographic way I came to understand my own unique story.  From a beginning - to a middle -  and following through to an end.

It's not just another story - rather my unique one.



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