Sunday, July 24, 2016

Them's The Berries II

As I was writing this blog post I realized it sounded familiar.  
I took a look back down memory lane and saw that I had posted a "Them's The Berries" post in August of 2011 as well.  Had fun reading through some of my blog posts from over the years.  Been posting little snippets of thoughts and photos since 2010.  Makes me realize I haven't changed much through the years - just a little older and hopefully wiser!

Blueberry picking is something I do each year - only missed a couple of years that I can think of.
In New Hampshire we have an abundance of wild blueberries on our mountain tops within an easy hike from our home.

On this day Elaine and I hit the trail with our tupperware in tow.  Saw a few friends along the trail and picked a bounty of sweet, blue freshness that will get served up in a special dessert later this week.

Simple pleasures in life.
The only requirement being to reach out a hand....



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