Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More Thoughts from Maine ... How and Why We Hold

These photos were from our final day in Maine.  We talked quite a bit throughout our week about making a psychological portrait.  In other words something more than a "pretty" picture.  Building connection through the portrait - between photographer and subject.   To further connect our viewers that pass down the road.

I had the pleasure of working with two wonderful ladies on this final day.  Once again, their collaboration with me as their photographer was open and welcoming to any idea that I would bring to light.

Things happen fast.  You have a set amount of time with each model and pick and choose location and styling that you feel might create a connection.

As we talked briefly during our introductions E's strength and beauty came through to me right off. We found a row of trees that were interesting in texture and decided on that for our "location".  As we worked along we moved further down that row.  I took note of this branch and felt there could be something there for E.  This photo brings the combination of strength from her pose with the softness of curves.  Her gaze certainly brings the "chi" and allows that combination to meld wonderfully.

R is a dancer ~ a ballet dancer.  Her body and posture again possessing strength combined with poise.
We were making use of soft window light from the barn and when R picked up her ballet shoes and held them I saw a tenderness combined with firmness in that gesture.  After watching her doing spins and poses in these shoes I can attest to the fact that they are far from "tender" to her feet!   The wind billowing through her blouse and laces added the movement or "dance" if you will ~ while the hold added the "chi" I was looking for to create a story.

How do you hold?  
Where does your strength come from?
Thoughts give photos ~ photos give thoughts



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