Friday, August 5, 2016

What's In the Cup

Half full ~ have empty.
They are both the same.
I've come to realize that's not what really matters.
You may see it differently.
Your perspective.
Neither right nor wrong.

In the end it's your perspective that determines which way you're going to feel ~ full or empty.

My son Tom had - what we hope to be - his final surgery from his accident back in April.  It's been a rough road through his recovery.  Not so much in the physical aspect but the emotional side as well.  Don't get me wrong he had his share of "physical" pain but as a mom watching my son go through the spectrum of emotional pain has been hard.  He's handled the "timeline" of his recovery extremely well over the past several months but this final surgery tested his strength bringing him to his weakest point.

This afternoon was his follow up appointment.  You could feel his nerves and tension as this recovery wasn't going as described and it was weighing him down.  They ended up draining 1/2 cup of fluid from his knee.  It was the culprit of most of the pain and you could feel his mood shift when he got home.  It's like he's been put back on track and focusing once again on his "timeline" ahead.

Perhaps we should be emptying out that cup once in a while to lighten our load and relieve the pressure.  Let it refill with what makes us feel better.



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