Monday, September 12, 2016

Boxers Rhythm

Had a complete "about face" with the word rhythm for our One Word project.
I was going to do a slow shutter speed image and portray body rhythm through the feeling of dance movements.  A photograph to be made with the sole purpose of speaking to the rhythm that is inside of each of us.   Instead my mind saw "boxers rhythm" as the obvious theme for this go round.  But these stitches were keeping me low for a few days and therefore a static pose won out.

I'm not one to give up
I did feel like I was beaten
But then again you didn't see half the fight

Never start a fight ~

but always finish it.

My stitches were the result of Mohs surgery for basal cell cancer.  I've had a bout with cancer prior to this and with my fair skin will most likely be facing more battles through the years ahead.

Have your skin checked.  Make annual checkups.  



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