Monday, September 19, 2016

From the Depths

Personal projects come to me as a concept.  It will take quite some time to mull over in my mind and form into into an actual idea for a shoot.  From these ideas I build ~ putting things together that I think will mesh.  Pieces are joined by colors, textures and a look I'm hoping to achieve.

It's not an exact science for me - but rather a creative process.

Collaboration between model and photographer is the gel that seems to pull everything together once you get out "on set".

....and in this case some extra help from my assistant to "cue" those birds!

But most importantly we come away smiling from a day of friendship, laughter and fun through our creativity.

At the end of that day we hope to come away with a photo...

        Once she felt the Earth and Sky ~ she pulled from the Depths

To my girls - thanks for being my kind of crazy!



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