Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Comfortable In Our Own Skin

 Portraiture.  I can say now that it is one of my favorite aspects of my work.  This was not the case in recent years.  You could say I wasn't "comfortable" with the responsibility of making someone else comfortable in front of my lens.  Three years ago I attended a seminar with Gregory Heisler as the speaker.  An amazing photographer and story teller.  The stories he shared with us during those three hours were heart warming, insightful and honest.  I definitely felt changed after that trip on so many levels.

That following summer I had the opportunity to join a workshop with Greg Heisler in Maine.  Through the course of that year and the two that have followed I've started to become "comfortable in my own skin".   I believe the catalyst for this was honesty.  Honesty with myself and honesty with others.

Meet Amy - she has a passion for musical theater and has been pursuing that dream.  With only a few email conversations we set a time to meet for our photo session.  During these sessions half of me is looking for the best "light" to showcase my subject.  While my other half is carrying on a conversation to keep my subject relaxed and comfortable through the process.

Amy and I fell into a rapport with ease and walked around this lovely spot along the river to come away with many different looks.  Light, expression and connection are important ingredients for a pleasing portrait.  

But I do believe that the honesty you bring is what makes the final product work so well.



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