Friday, October 28, 2016

Psychological Portraits

During my workshop with Joyce Tenneson this past summer we worked on portraiture skills throughout our week.  On this final day we were winding down.  Each of us had the chance to sit with Joyce and talk about our work and where we were heading on a personal level.
Part of me was back home thinking about dear friends going through a difficult time.

One of our models for the day, Isaac, had brought along these antlers that he had picked up along the side of the road.  Most of the students in our class were packing it in and heading back to campus for our final celebratory evening.  I felt strongly that I wanted to photograph those antlers before I left.
Both Rosie and Helen were kind to oblige.  We worked quickly and made only a few images.  I look back on them now months later and realize they were an important piece of the week for me.

There are parts of us that will always feel "someplace else" and if we sit with that we can know in our being that we will always be connected.

One man's throw away is a treasure to others....
                                                            I am one who treasures.



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